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This is not the kind of coffee cups you are used to. Our cups contain the tastiest, lighter roasted Wakuli specialty coffee. And not unimportant, they are also biodegradable and compostable. The cups are made from residual flows from sugar beet and cane sugar production. The cups are suitable for a Nespresso® machine.

Each package consists of:

    • 40 biodegradable, compostable coffee cups, three varieties to choose from.
    • Prices are exclusive of VAT.


Peru coffee cups: The province of Tayacaja is located in the central Andes mountains of Peru. Here, in one of the poorest and most remote regions, specialty coffee is by no means a household name. But if you look carefully, you will find the special Quechua descendants. A group of small-scale farmers who produce coffee with a unique taste and thereby create a living income for themselves. Through close cooperation we can let you taste this single origin coffee with notes of milk chocolate, figs and citrus. Great as a delicate espresso with lots of fruit!

Brazil coffee cups: ​This coffee comes from the beautiful mountain landscape of Sao Thome, where Andréa Galvao Foresti and her husband have been growing special coffees of superior quality since 1996. Thanks to their knowledge, skills and hard work, this high-quality coffee from this wonderful family business has won one prize after another. The coffee cherries are grown with the utmost care and you can taste that!

India coffee cups: This special coffee comes from the Karnataka province in India. Set amid a lush, subtropical jungle is M.C.'s Venkids Valley coffee plantation. and Shilpa Nanjappa, now 3rd generation coffee planters. They produce a delicious spicy robusta. The Robusta is a diamond in the rough that is often used as bulk coffee in blends. But robusta is also very beautiful on its own if you put some love and attention into it, something they have an inexhaustible source of at Venkids Valley. The taste? White pepper for the kick, dried dates, cocoa nibs and liquorice in the aftertaste.